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Nic Saint

Purrfect Show (Paperback)

Purrfect Show (Paperback)

The Mysteries of Max Book 66

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The Taming of the Shrews

When our beloved town of Hampton Cove found itself the target of a pair of unscrupulous drug dealers selling drugs to school kids, a task force was set up to bring these criminals to justice. The task force consisted of myself (Max), my best friend Dooley, and of course our humans Odelia and Chase. And since this all happened against the backdrop of the upcoming cat show, for which we had all been signed up, you can probably imagine the strain we were under.

As if that wasn’t enough, we had also been tasked with no less than two seperate investigations: one to find a man’s fiancée who had mysteriously disappeared, and a second one dealing with a cat owner suspected of gross neglect. As it was, Odelia decided to temporarily adopt the man’s cat, so our band of four suddenly became five.

All in all it was an interesting week, especially when I came face to face with my doppelganger at the cat show. So did I win ‘Best in Show’ or not? Find out in Purrfect Show, the latest installment in this blorange feline’s chronicles.

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