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Nic Saint

Purrfect Scam (Audiobook)

Purrfect Scam (Audiobook)

Mysteries of Max 61

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The artist formerly known as Max

In Hampton Cove, Chase Kingsley buys a pair of Take-a-Hike e-sneakers, the new battery-powered sneakers that are all the rage. Little does he suspect that the consequences of his impulse buy will be far-reaching and affect his entire family.

Meanwhile Bella the cow approaches retired feline detective Max to secure his assistance in a matter of the gravest importance, namely the blatant infringement of her publicity rights.

In Brooklyn, Klara Trapper is worried about her twin sister, who hasn’t responded to any of her messages or answered her calls. Klara works at The Green Parrot, the well-known art gallery that sells the work of Jack Polk, the young artist who is taking the art world by storm.

Before long these events collide, and force Max to dig deep and use his big brain to its full capacity.

~ Digitally narrated audiobook - listen to a sample.

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