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Nic Saint

Purrfect Bookshop (Ebook)

Purrfect Bookshop (Ebook)

The Mysteries of Max Book 73

Read in Order to Die

A wedding between Chief of Police Alec Lip and Mayor Charlene Butterwick has been announced and will soon be taking place in the cozy little hamlet of Hampton Cove. Unfortunately the groom seems less than overjoyed at the prospect of plighting his troth, and even the bride has second thoughts.

And then of course there is the murder of Vernon Langridge, member of a local writers’ group found dead in The Mighty Pen, a bookstore known for hosting frequent author signings and high-profile events. It doesn’t take long for Detective Chase Kingsley to make an arrest when a valuable first-edition book is discovered in the possession of an ex-convict. But when a series of poison-pen letters starts arriving that point to the other members of the writers’ group, revealing their dark secrets, it soon transpires that a lot of people had good reason to want Vernon dead.

Now it’s up to Max, that formidable feline sleuth, to figure out what’s going on. Will the blorange detective be able to save an innocent man from being convicted for a crime he didn’t commit? Will the society wedding of the decade go off without a hitch? And will Harriet write her autobiography and become the star she knows in her heart she truly is? Find out in Purrfect Bookshop, the cleverly plotted new installment in the popular Mysteries of Max series.

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