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Nic Saint

Mysteries of Max: Books 70-72 (Paperback)

Mysteries of Max: Books 70-72 (Paperback)

Mysteries of Max Collection 24

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This collection contains books 70-72 in the popular comedy cat cozy series The Mysteries of Max. Enjoy this intrepid sleuth's adventures at a purrfectly handsome discount.

Purrfect Star (The Mysteries of Max 70)

The Spy Who Killed Me

They say that all good things come in threes, but also that misfortunes never come singly, so I’ll let you decide which of these proverbs applies to the following situation: first we discovered that a thief had been stealing our litter, thereby preventing us from doing our business the way we like to do it. And then one of our country’s most beloved actors was found murdered aboard his private yacht, with plenty of suspects likely to have done the deed. And if that wasn’t enough, Gran and Scarlett decided to reform the Neighborhood Watch Committee and actively insert themselves into the investigation, wreaking havoc and mayhem at every turn. In other words: troubled times lay ahead in Hampton Cove, that peaceful little town on the East Coast that always seems to teeter on the verge of disaster.

Purrfect Ghost (The Mysteries of Max 71)

Cats Versus Ghosts

When a vagrant was murdered right around the corner from where we live, I felt that trouble had hit a little too close to home. And then when our local park was being overrun with homeless people, preventing us from engaging in our favorite pastime of cat choir, it soon transpired that both incidents might be connected. But how? Before long, we suspected that something was brewing in our neighborhood, with neighbor turning against neighbor in a vicious feud. At least there was something to look forward to: our first investigation into the presence of a ghost! Now that we had more or less mastered the art of catching thieves and murderers, we were moving into the ghost hunting business.

Purrfect Pills (The Mysteries of Max 72)

Going to the Dogs

When a screenwriter was found dead in the dog park, it soon transpired that a lot of people had an excellent reason to want him dead. Unfortunately they also had excellent alibis. And so it’s safe to say we had our work cut out for us, especially when we learned that the dead man had discovered the secret to eternal life. A pill he had developed that would make people live forever. But was he for real or a fraud? And was this Infinity pill the reason he was killed?
I would have given the case my full attention if Marge hadn’t decided to take us all to the pet salon, figuring we were in need of a beauty treatment. She demanded I receive the ‘full package’ and so I did. If only I had known what was in store for me I would have refused in the strongest possible terms. And then there was the fact that our home was being invaded by no less than two pets: a French poodle and an anole lizard. It was enough to make any detective despair!

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