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Nic Saint

Mysteries of Max: Books 25-27 (Ebook)

Mysteries of Max: Books 25-27 (Ebook)

Mysteries of Max Collection 9

This collection contains books 25-27 in the popular comedy cat cozy series The Mysteries of Max. Enjoy this intrepid sleuth's adventures at a purrfectly handsome discount.

Purrfect Cover (The Mysteries of Max 25)

Look, I’m not one to make a big fuss about nothing, but this last week has been too eventful to ignore. Not only was I kicked out of my own home, I was also attacked—yes, attacked, I tell you—on no less than two separate occasions. First there was the big vacuum cleaner scare, and then there was what I like to call ‘the Roomba incident,’ as it involved one of those terrible robotic vacuums. Of course we fought back, on both occasions, I might add, and for a moment we thought we’d snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. But that was before Odelia brought in the big guns, in the form of the Trainor sisters, Blanche and Bella. Cleaning ladies by profession, and cat haters by vocation. Their philosophy is that cats don’t belong in the home, and so they locked our respective pet flaps—and started the war.

And it wasn’t as if I didn’t have other things to worry about. There was Uncle Alec, being the center of some vile gossip campaign, and there was the spate of burglaries terrorizing our small and otherwise peaceful town. But it’s hard to focus on fighting crime when you’re dealing with a pair of cat-hating cleaning ladies, wouldn’t you agree? And did I mention that they locked our pet flaps? Of all the dastardly, horrible, monstrous… But let’s not dwell on the negatives. There are plenty of positives in this new chronicle of my adventures, too. So please do read on, for a furry good time!

Purrfect Patsy (The Mysteries of Max 26)

I won’t conceal the fact that when I found that inflatable pool in my backyard I was surprised to a degree. Inflatable pools, as a rule, contain water, you see, and everyone knows that cats don’t like water all that much. In fact we hate it. But Odelia had sworn she’d teach us how to swim, and she was keeping that promise, come hell or high… water.

As if that wasn’t enough, Dooley and I were suddenly set upon by an irate pigeon, dive-bombing us each time he caught us in his crosshairs. And it wasn’t as if we could afford the distraction, as Odelia had taken on a new case, this one relating to a woman who went missing twenty years ago, and whose exact lookalike had suddenly turned up murdered in a local farmer’s field. Was the dead woman the missing woman? But then why did she look exactly like she did when she disappeared twenty years ago, not having aged one bit? It was a mystery Odelia found hard to resist.

So there you have it: in between attacks from an angry bird, a mysterious cold case, strange messages found inside a goatherd figurine, a few instances of near-drowning, and an embarrassing mishap causing me to lose a large swath of fur around my midsection, it was all I could do to stay afloat, as it were, and assist my human. And just to put your mind at ease, I can assure you that no animals were harmed in the making of this book, except yours truly. Then again, I have no one to blame but myself, and in the end all’s well that ended well, and I will live to narrate another book.

Purrfect Son (The Mysteries of Max 27)

I don’t usually suffer from a fear of small spaces but after being locked inside a box in the attic along with my fellow cats, I must confess the experience wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs. Especially when the person doing the locking up also decided to set the box on fire. So did we escape this harrowing adventure with our lives? And if so, how? I’d love to tell you, but then I’d be breaking the first rule of fiction: never give away the ending! So you’ll just have to read on to find out more.

And in so doing you’ll also discover all about Tex’s secret son, Gran’s latest neighborhood watch gambit, the suspicious death of one of Charlene Butterwick’s relatives, the new shopping mall a group of developers plan to build in Hampton Cove, the huge windfall Tex and Marge might receive soon, and the addition to the team of our very own bodyguard as well as a watchdog—not to mention a watchcat! As you can see, things are never boring in this small town of ours!

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