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Nic Saint

The Mysteries of Max: Books 85-87 (Ebook)

The Mysteries of Max: Books 85-87 (Ebook)

Mysteries of Max Collection 29

This collection contains books 85-87 in the popular comedy cat cozy series The Mysteries of Max. Enjoy this intrepid sleuth's adventures at a purrfectly handsome discount.

Purrfect Gran (Max 85)

A grandmother is like a grand-angel

Lately things had been going swimmingly for us, so I should have known that it wouldn’t last. It all started when Dooley decided to feed a bird, and that bird decided it was a good idea to bring along all of his friends and family. Odelia wasn’t happy about it, but Gran immediately saw an opportunity to make some money. And then there was the brain surgeon who came to stay with us. Before long, the man was running for his life and accusing Gran of trying to murder him. I could have told him this was par for the course with Vesta Muffin: kind, sweet-natured and loving. Until the gloves come off.

Purrfect Jacuzzi (Max 86)

The War of the Beaus

When local businessman Nathanial Tindell was found murdered in a run-down apartment in a seedy part of town, it raised a lot of questions. Why was he living under an assumed name, pretending to be poor? And why did he suddenly quit the billion-dollar company he built from scratch, just so he could be closer to his new neighbors Rita MacKereth and her mom Georgia? Suspects galore, not least of which were his business competitors, but also an old man and his dog, Miss MacKereth herself, and three of that young lady’s male admirers. Was this a war of the beaus?

While Odelia and Chase conducted their investigation, with the assistance of myself and Dooley, Harriet and Brutus decided to launch a new project: shooting ASMR videos. Before long, they had landed themselves in hot water by filming friends, family members and neighbors in embarrassing situations and posting the videos on YouTube.

Purrfect Chicken (Max 87)

Playing Chicken

When Dooley decided that he wasn’t going to eat chicken anymore, because chickens are our friends, and we shouldn’t eat our friends, it gave us all some food for thought. Mostly Odelia, since she had to figure out what to feed Dooley instead of his usual diet. The solution Dooley himself came up with was both original but also worrying: he was going to live off air and light alone from now on and he wanted the rest of us to do the same. He called it the prana diet and it didn’t seem like a great idea. Especially since I was in the middle of a murder investigation so I needed my strength.

Donald Weaver had gone out to ‘fix’ his neighbor Miranda Gobbs, who he accused of harassment, but instead got stabbed with his own knife. Miranda had accused Donald of stalking her, an accusation he vehemently denied. The investigation immediately focused on Miranda, since she had gone missing. Had she taken the law into her own hands? Unfortunately for me, the truth was a lot more complicated than I anticipated. But then it often is.

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