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Nic Saint

Purrfect Spider (Ebook)

Purrfect Spider (Ebook)

The Mysteries of Max Book 90

Kill The Cat!

It isn’t every day that your home is transformed into a movie set, so when it happened to us, we weren’t prepared, to say the least. Gone were all of our favorite spots and so we had to find sojourn elsewhere. To top it off, the four of us were cast in the movie, to be mangled and murdered by a monstrous ghoul. Good thing it wasn’t real! The rest of the family was also in the movie. Even Gran, who played the role of the virgin, and was pretty happy with her part.

In the meantime an office building had been bombed in the business district, and a body found that had been buried there for the past fifteen years. But if we thought we’d be allowed to run the investigation, we had another thing coming. FBI agents Smith & Jones quickly took over and we were all sidelined. But that wasn’t how Chase saw it, and so he and Odelia continued their inquiries into the mysterious death, only this time as reporters for the Gazette and butting heads with the feds. The investigation soon put us on the trail of a ruthless killer and a determined bomber.

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