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Nic Saint

Mysteries of Max Big Collection 5

Mysteries of Max Big Collection 5

Books 41-50


'Quick, fun, laugh-out-loud read! An animal lover's delight! Read the box set over the weekend! Diving into the next one now!'

'I love the cats! Plan to get the next book. Such a feel-good read! I smiled just thinking about my next book!'

'A wonderful crime story with the addition of cats that can talk to their human. The ending was totally unexpected! More of this type of story would be wonderful.'

'The Mysteries of Max' - a delightful and humorous read that has captured the hearts of over one million readers with its charming characters and engaging storylines.

In the peaceful town of Hampton Cove, murder disrupts the tranquility, prompting feline detectives Max and Dooley to join forces with reporter Odelia Poole in search of answers. However, they soon discover that they are not the only ones investigating the crime. New detective Chase Kingsley and his spiteful feline companion Brutus are also hot on the trail. This captivating story set is a must-read for mystery lovers and cat enthusiasts alike.

What readers are saying:

'A crazy laugh-out-loud romp through a crazy murder mystery that keeps you wanting more!'

'My problem is I read them too quickly then I have to wait for the next one to be published.'

The Max books are family-friendly and suitable for all ages, as they do not contain any profanity, explicit sexual content, or violent scenes. They are clean reads that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a wholesome and entertaining read.

This big collection bundles books 41-50 in the popular cat cozy mystery series 'The Mysteries of Max.' Enjoy this intrepid sleuth's adventures at a big discount.

This collection contains the following stories:

41. Purrfect Design
42. Purrfect Life
43. Purrfect Thief
44. Purrfect Crust
45. Purrfect Bachelor
46. Purrfect Double
47. Purrfect Date
48. Purrfect Hit
49. Purrfect Baby
50. Purrfect Mess

'Hard time reading between laughter!'

'It was funny, full of mystery, twists and turns.'

'I am 76 and have read too many serious books.'

'The feline Sherlock Holmes.'

'Written by a true cat lover!'

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