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Nic Saint

Purrfect Virus (Paperback)

Purrfect Virus (Paperback)

The Mysteries of Max Book 79

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Going Viral

When our humans started getting sick and before long fell into a deep coma, we frankly feared for our lives, especially when the disease took out half of Hampton Cove’s population and for a moment it looked as if the four of us were the last ones standing. As it was, the members of the neighborhood watch had been spared, and so Gran, Scarlett, Wilbur and Father Reilly took it upon themselves to find out what was going on. Especially when it transpired that the virus was man-made and certain dark forces had launched it with a specific and nefarious goal in mind.

And so four senior citizens and their seven cats began a campaign to bring our town back from the brink and thwart the conspiracy that had put our loved ones in the hospital. And with Gran at the helm, let’s just say we were in for one bumpy ride!

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