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Nic Saint

Purrfect Hit (Ebook)

Purrfect Hit (Ebook)

The Mysteries of Max 48

Time to Face the Music

As you probably know, cats are no mean singers. In fact we can probably compete with your most popular songbirds out there when it comes to belting out a tune. So when Odelia was tasked to write an article about Tab Fitch, the well-known pop star, it was no hardship to drive down to Fitchville, as the compound he built on the outskirts of Hampton Cove is called, and have a chat with the man. As it turns out, Tab might be popular with his fans, but he hadn’t made himself popular with his neighbors, as evidenced by their relentless campaign against him. And that was even before a gruesome murder struck right at the heart of Fitchville…

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