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Nic Saint

Purrfect Cure (Paperback)

Purrfect Cure (Paperback)

The Mysteries of Max Book 38

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It was the fur-fect solution

All I ever wanted in life was to be able to enjoy my daily naps, my daily dose of kibble and spend quality time with my friends. But lately Hampton Cove, the small town I like to call home, seems to have become the kind of crime-infested borough you hear so much about in the news. Take last week for instance. First a dead body was found in the field located directly behind our house, and then a girl was kidnapped nearby—all in the space of twenty-four hours!

And then of course there was the drama that really gripped, since it struck very close to home indeed: Tex, my human’s dad, discovered a distinct thinning of the hair on top of his head. Immediately he set out for a potential cure to remedy this unmitigated disaster, and thus set off a series of events that will have tongues wagging for a long time to come.

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