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Nic Saint

Purrfect Charade (Paperback)

Purrfect Charade (Paperback)

The Mysteries of Max Book 68

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All Aboard!

I know I promised never to set foot aboard another cruise ship, but when Marge and Tex decided to celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary by taking a cruise, and invite the rest of their extended family to join them, we couldn’t possibly stay home at some pet hotel. Which is how we found ourselves on board the Ruritania for a ten-day Caribbean cruise.

And I think I may have finally started enjoying myself to some extent, if not a murder had been committed, and Odelia’s dad was being fingered by the ship’s detective as one of the possible killers. As it was, we soon were roped into the investigation, interviewing suspects, gathering clues and generally traipsing all over the giant cruise liner in search of a killer.

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