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Nic Saint

Mysteries of Max Paperback Collection Bundle 2

Mysteries of Max Paperback Collection Bundle 2

Books 11-20

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This collection bundles books 11-20 in the Mysteries of Max Omnibus series in paperback format. Each omnibus contains three books in the Max series, so this collection contains the first thirty books (Max 31-60) in omnibus format. You will receive the following stories in 10 paperbacks:

Purrfect Sidekick
Purrfect Deceit
Purrfect Ruse
Purrfect Swing
Purrfect Cruise
Purrfect Harmony
Purrfect Sparkle
Purrfect Cure
Purrfect Cheat
Purrfect Catch
Purrfect Design
Purrfect Life
Purrfect Thief
Purrfect Crust
Purrfect Bachelor
Purrfect Double
Purrfect Date
Purrfect Hit
Purrfect Baby
Purrfect Mess
Purrfect Paris
Purrfect Model
Purrfect Slug
Purrfect Match
Purrfect Game
Purrfect Bouquet
Purrfect Home
Purrfectly Slim
Purrfect Nap
Purrfect Yacht
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