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Nic Saint

Mysteries of Max: Books 73-75 (Ebook)

Mysteries of Max: Books 73-75 (Ebook)

Mysteries of Max Collection 25

This collection contains books 73-75 in the popular comedy cat cozy series The Mysteries of Max. Enjoy this intrepid sleuth's adventures at a purrfectly handsome discount.

Purrfect Bookshop (The Mysteries of Max 73)

Read in Order to Die

A wedding between Chief of Police Alec Lip and Mayor Charlene Butterwick has been announced and will soon be taking place in the cozy little hamlet of Hampton Cove. Unfortunately the groom seems less than overjoyed at the prospect of plighting his troth, and even the bride has second thoughts.
And then of course there is the murder of Vernon Langridge, member of a local writers’ group found dead in The Mighty Pen, a bookstore known for hosting frequent author signings and high-profile events. It doesn’t take long for Detective Chase Kingsley to make an arrest when a valuable first-edition book is discovered in the possession of an ex-convict. But when a series of poison-pen letters starts arriving that point to the other members of the writers’ group, revealing their dark secrets, it soon transpires that a lot of people had good reason to want Vernon dead.
Now it’s up to Max, that formidable feline sleuth, to figure out what’s going on. Will the blorange detective be able to save an innocent man from being convicted for a crime he didn’t commit? Will the society wedding of the decade go off without a hitch? And will Harriet write her autobiography and become the star she knows in her heart she truly is? Find out in Purrfect Bookshop, the cleverly plotted new installment in the popular Mysteries of Max series.

Purrfect Prince (The Mysteries of Max 74)

For Skingle and Country

Christmas had come and the four of us were looking forward to a fun time spent warming up to the fire crackling in the hearth, enjoying plenty of delicious snacks and the company of our humans. Unfortunately this was not to be, for an urgent royal summons arrived that whisked us away to Liechtenburg, a small country located in the Swiss Alps. One of Europe’s oldest royal houses found itself besieged by a pernicious thief eager to divest its residents of their most prized possessions. But of course this was before a string of murders rocked the nation and plunged us headlong into a Christmas mystery.

Purrfect Gold (The Mysteries of Max 75)

Ghost From The Past

The ten-thousand-step craze had descended on my family, and while all around me everyone was busy putting their steps in, I decided that dreaming of ten thousand steps was enough exercise already. So when suddenly a woman who looked exactly like Odelia turned up at the house, the victim of a vicious attack, I was probably the only one rested enough to realize this was a portent of bad things to come. Especially when we discovered what she really wanted.
The most surprising thing of all was that Gran seemed to play a pivotal part in all of this. Our very own human had so many skeletons in her closet that at one point we were starting to wonder if we really knew her at all. And it all began with a love affair gone horribly wrong.

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