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Nic Saint

Mysteries of Max: Books 31-33 (Paperback)

Mysteries of Max: Books 31-33 (Paperback)

Mysteries of Max Collection 11

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This collection contains books 31-33 in the popular comedy cat cozy series The Mysteries of Max. Enjoy this intrepid sleuth's adventures at a purrfectly handsome discount.

Purrfect Sidekick (The Mysteries of Max 31)

I was going about my usual business (napping, eating… more napping) when I was approached by a client to take on a very intriguing case. Yes, I know cats aren’t supposed to take on cases, since A) we aren’t licensed and B) we’re not allowed to carry a weapon, not even a concealed one, and C) we don’t have the opposable thumbs to count the fees. But I’m getting sidetracked here. The case involved a woman whose boyfriend was kidnapped then murdered, and my client claimed that the boyfriend had set up his own kidnapping (though presumably not his own murder).

Meanwhile Odelia was having a tough time dealing with her upcoming wedding, which was seriously getting out of hand. Her guest list had ballooned to eight hundred people and counting, and she’d gotten into the habit of tossing and turning in her sleep, causing Dooley and myself to be kicked off the bed. Not much fun to be a cat when your human is getting married, I can assure you! And then of course there was Tex apparently being unfaithful to Marge. So one marriage on the rocks and another one getting off to a rocky (kick)start. Oh, well. Just another week in this cat’s life!

Purrfect Deceit (The Mysteries of Max 32)

Ideally reporters aren’t supposed to take on paying clients. It’s against the reporter’s code—if there is such a thing as a reporter’s code. I may be thinking of doctors. At any rate, when Joshua Curtis showed up in Odelia’s office, asking her to catch a person in the act of being unfaithful, it’s only understandable that my human balked at the request. But then she took comfort in the fact that a juicy article might come out of this, and so she took the case. Little did she know this would lead to a triple homicide, which would put her on a collision course with her uncle, our local Chief of Police.

Meanwhile the buzz surrounding Odelia’s shotgun wedding still hadn’t died down, with many members of the citizenry upset and giving my human the stink eye. And then of course there was Dooley, on the lookout for the stork which he was sure would soon be delivering Odelia and Chase’s baby. And since trouble always comes in threes, there was the rift that threatened to rip cat choir apart, Gran acting like a loose cannon again, and yours truly being relied upon to fix all of the above. Okay, so maybe trouble comes in fours—or even fives! Such is life in Hampton Cove.

Purrfect Ruse (The Mysteries of Max 33)

When a woman showed up in Odelia’s office asking her to look into a case of a missing cat, obviously I was on the case. And lo and behold, it took me less than a day to find the missing cat… and a dead body, too! Luckily, the dead body was human, not feline. Now I know what you’re going to say and you’re absolutely right: whether human or feline, murder is murder, and should be frowned upon. And I do! Which is why I was immediately hot on the trail.

Or I would have been, if not unforeseen circumstances prevented me from giving the case my full and undivided attention: the Pooles were having a new kitchen installed, and some minor disagreements immediately cropped up. Disagreements that would unfortunately lead to disastrous consequences, which I won’t reveal here if you don’t mind. Apart from what I would like to call the Kitchen Wars, there was also the case of the GPS trackers, but that would probably lead us too far afield. Suffice it to say things looked bleak for a while… before turning disastrous!

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