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Nic Saint

Mysteries of Max: Books 22-24 (Ebook)

Mysteries of Max: Books 22-24 (Ebook)

Mysteries of Max Collection 8

This collection contains books 22-24 in the popular comedy cat cozy series The Mysteries of Max. Enjoy this intrepid sleuth's adventures at a purrfectly handsome discount.

Purrfect Advice (The Mysteries of Max 22)

When the Hampton Cove Gazette announced it had recruited a new advice columnist, little did I expect how this decision would impact not only my life but that of everyone in Hampton Cove. Dear Gabi was soon dispensing advice left, right and center, and creating quite the hullaballoo. And when the Gazette added a feline columnist to the roster, even pets started sending in their questions, mostly centering around their love lives and similar nauseating queries.

Soon even Dooley and myself were writing to Dear Chloe, as our pet agony aunt was called, and getting some unusual advice in return. And of course in the middle of all this a murder took place at the home of Allison Gray, who’d been the Gazette’s very first Gabi, all those many years ago. An all-star team of sleuths assembled, consisting of Odelia and Chase, but also of Grandma Muffin and… Scarlett Canyon. Gran and Scarlett even ran point, for the first time in years ceasing hostilities and calling a truce in order to catch the killer of Kirk Weaver, the well-known cat whisperer.

Dooley and I joined the investigation, though we had problems of our own to deal with in the form of yet another mouse infestation ravaging our home. Odelia had told us to ‘deal with it’ and so deal with it we did. Though I had the distinct impression my beloved human had something else in mind when we presented her with our most original solution. Between solving the murder of a cat whisperer, handling a murine invasion, and Dear Gabi and Dear Chloe upending our lives, I think it’s safe to say this was yet another eventful week in the life of your loyal correspondent.

PS: did I mention wedding bells might soon ring out? If you ask me it’s all this Dear Gabi stuff. Gives people the wrong idea. But then who am I? Just your average big-boned blorange fellow feline citizen and sometime cat sleuth.

Purrfect Passion (The Mysteries of Max 23)

There comes a time in every cat’s life when he feels he’s got it made. And it may surprise you that I was just such a cat. I had my sweet spot on the couch, I had my daily dose of kibble, I had my health, friends and the best human a cat can find. In other words: bliss. And of course that’s when tragedy struck in the form of Passion Island. The reality show didn’t just upset our lives by its sheer popularity, finding amongst its most avid fans the entire Poole family and its cats (minus myself, of course), but also because five of its contestants, all women, had recently gone missing.

So off Odelia went, to Thailand, undercover as one of the show’s contestants, along with Chase. And Odelia wouldn’t be Odelia if she didn’t insist Dooley and I tag along. I wasn’t happy about it, but what could I do? It’s hard to say no to the woman who pays for your kibble and provides a roof over your head. Soon we were up to our eyeballs in seducers and seductresses, mysterious scarfaced men spying on our human, and even a relationship crisis between Odelia and Chase that threatened to derail their upcoming nuptials. Good thing Gran and Scarlett were also there. Or was it?

A Purrfect Gnomeful (The Mysteries of Max 24)

If you really want to know who did it, I can now reveal that it was the mice. They raided the fridge and stole all of my food. Oh, you were wondering about the murders? Well, that’s a different story. It took me a long time to crack that particular case, preoccupied as I was about the family of mice that had turned my house into a mouse-sty. So when Odelia’s boss was accused, not of one but two murders, I ended up playing catch-up from the very start.

As far as I could make out it had something to do with gnomes. Garden gnomes. Gnomes were at the heart of the murder case, but also at the heart of a second mystery: someone was going around Hampton Cove stealing gnomes from unsuspecting citizens’ gardens. Tex Poole had been hit, and so had many other gnome aficionados. Which is when Gran decided to launch our town’s first-ever neighborhood watch, along with her best friend Scarlett Canyon.

You’re confused? Well, so was I. But here’s the good news: if you read my latest chronicles everything will become purr-fectly clear. You’ll find out what happened with the mice. You’ll discover who was behind those gnome thefts, and you’ll get a front-row seat to the stakeout we engaged in as official members of Gran’s neighborhood watch. And while we’re at it, I might as well reveal the identity of the person spreading murder and mayhem in our lovely little town.

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